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Why 'No means No' Applies To Only One Gender?

'No means No' for Boys and #MenToo
'No means No' for Boys and #MenToo

Feminism sells superiority syndrome to women soaked in victimhood and that is its Global Success Mantra!

Feminist theories with a lot of holes have led to the demonisation of men, strategically suppressing the facts of how unadulterated patriarchy strikes a balance between manhood and womanhood to create a just and fair society where both genders are acknowledged for their contribution to stable families and societies.

As a result, while the abuse and sexual violation of girls and women are well documented, has dominated news headlines and public discussions for many years, the abuse of the boys and men has been swept under the carpet or conveniently ignored.

With the women empowerment drives of the gynocentric government, women are taking advantage of current gender-biased laws which favour them at the expense of men to abuse their male counterparts in society.

There have been numerous instances where a woman tries to seduce some man and when she fails, she raises unfounded claims that the man was the one trying to sexually abuse her and starts #MeToo digital #MobLynching.

The society is biased towards women and there's an urgent need to address this gender imbalance.


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