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10th National Conference on Men's Issues

Invitation to scale the 10th National Summit on Men's Issues

Save the dates for Varanasi, 11th to 13th August 2018.

Dear Men’s Rights Activists,

Daaman Welfare Society and Trust is delighted to invite the brethren to the 10th Annual National Meet of Save Indian Family Movement (SIFM). The details are as set out in this invitation.

10th National Meet, Varanasi 2018

It’s been many years since SIFM, the torch bearer of Men’s Rights in India, did first raised its voice on the cause of men’s rights. An issue hitherto unheard-off and frowned upon by many, till date. Persistent efforts, hands on work and selfless sacrifices of many unsung heroes had brought fruits to the movement in more ways than many. The best of these efforts are recognized, strategies made and tones are set for future work, when activists from across the country connect personally on the occasion of National Meet.

National Meet is the movement’s most exciting event of the year. It’s an opportunity to welcome new participating chapters and activists from across the country. A chance to meet and hear the experts and stalwarts of Men’s Rights Movement in India (MRM) who descend to share their achievements and activities. Also, assess the impact of our works on the movement and the society at large.

While the movement started to take shape many years ago, the idea of organizing a national meet was only scaled a decade ago. Time flew by and it’s been a decade since such events were organized by various chapters of SIFM. Year 2018 will mark the 10th such National Meet. Daaman is pleased to welcome you on this occasion and solicits the presence of activists from across the country to discuss pressing issues, resolve and enlighten the movement on its way forward. This year's edition of the National Meet is being organised in Varanasi.

About the City of Varanasi - A centre of pilgrimage, tourism and politics too...

Mythological beliefs mention Varanasi, a.k.a Kashi as the oldest living city on the planet. Mythology, even going on to state that the City of Varanasi is situated on the forehead of SheshNaag (the serpent on which Lord Vishnu rests), which even makes it a different land within the planet Earth. It’s a city that has seen the tides of changes and generations of humans come and go. Many even choose to come to Varanasi to breathe their last, as it’s believed that a death in Varanasi is a sure ticket to moksha. Numerous temples, ghats, centers of learning, music & tantra and historic places mark the geography of this city. A visit to Kashi is incomplete if one misses these stopovers of this divine city.

Being the parliamentary constituency of present Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, Varanasi is presently politically relevant.

Please take this opportunity to mark your calendars and make your travel arrangements in advance. The National Meet requires you to reach Varanasi by the morning of 11th August 2018. The outline of the 10th National Meet schedule is detailed below.


Hotel Hindustan International, C-21/3, Maldahiya, Varanasi – 221 002. (Uttar Pradesh)

Phone : 91 0542-7110711 / 0542-2411484, Fax - 91 542 2410931

Venue Location Map:

Event Schedule:

Check-in at Venue: 10 AM, Saturday, 11th August 2018

Check-out from Venue: 9 AM, Monday, 13th August 2018

Venue Distance:

From Varanasi Railway Station: 1.6 km

From Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport/Varanasi Airport: 23.5 km

Single Point Of Contact (SPOC) For Each Chapter:

Each chapter is requested to nominate their SPOC for communications, coordination, nominations of delegates and payment processing. SPOCs shall be receiving the procedure to be followed for nomination and payment processing.

For nominated SPOCs, click here


Detailed agenda of the National Meet will be shared through SPOCs and also directly to participating delegates.


Details of awards and nomination process will be shared through SPOCs and also directly to participating delegates.

Men’s Hub:

We invite articles on following topics that are important for the movement and relevant to the external world; chosen articles will be published in Men’s Hub (National Meet issue) and authors awarded in the Meet!

Topics for articles:

  1. Men and Emotions

  2. Is media biased against Men?

  3. Juvenile Justice Act in terms of 'child begging' and 'child labor'

  4. Social Discrimination against Men and Boys

  5. Affect of Juvenile Justice Act on society

  6. Male suicides and it’s prevention

  7. Impact of family litigations on Health of Men

  8. Lifestyle, Financials, Retirement and Old Age Planning for Men with family litigations

  9. Surrogacy and adoptions: Medical and legal options for single or separated men

Articles must be submitted in English or Hindi by 30th May, 2018, via email to

Video Presentation:

Two minutes to showcase your activities before the national audience.

National Meet is also a platform for SIFM chapters to showcase their achievements. Each chapter is allotted a time slot of two minute to make their audio visual presentation. Chapters are expected to showcase their recent (2017-2018) activities and achievements. It is suggested to use this opportunity to present activities undertaken for spreading awareness and taking the voice of the movement to the masses. Scheduled activities like Father’s Day or Men’s Day should be avoided to save time of repeating.

Timeline for SPOCs:

Announcement of 10th National Meet - 24th February 2018

Nomination of SPOCs for each chapter starts - 24th February 2018

Last date for Submission of Articles - 30th May 2018

Last date for payment of Delegate Fee - 10th June 2018

Last date for submission of final list of Delegates - 15th June 2018

Last date for submission of 2 minutes video - 30th June 2018

Meet Fees:

Delegate fees per person for the Meet: Rs.5000/- (Rs Five Thousand Only).


  • The above fee per delegate is on the basis of Triple Occupancy. (3 people per room). Room allocation will be done nearer to the Meet date.

  • The delegate fee includes stay, food and Meet at the venue from 11th to 13th August 2018!

  • Online bank account details shall be made available to SPOCs. Delegate registrations have to be done compulsorily via SPOCs for chapter members.

  • Although all registrations are accepted through SPOCs only, but incase seats are available individuals may be considered, for which one has to contact the organizing team in advance.

  • As seats are limited, each chapter has a tentatively allotted strength of 15 delegates. Filling of seats are made on first-come-first-serve basis. Additional bookings shall be kept on waitlist to be adjusted on availability.

  • To ensure your allotment, please contact your SPOC immediately for further details. Daaman reserves the right for allotment or non-allotment of seats. Additional notifications shall be communicated to SPOCs from time to time. Please keep in touch with your SPOC. Make the registrations and make your travel arrangements early and have a power packed meet in Varanasi.

Contact Info:

SPOCs shall be appointed for each chapter. SPOC contact information shall be intimated updated and circulated soon. SPOCs to please create their login ids at

If you have any query or need any assistance please call anyone of Daaman volunteers:

Gaurav Bhattacharjee at 7905783128

Neeraj Aggarwal at 9838882063

Dinesh Chandra at 9458401266

Alternatively, please feel free to drop us an email at!

Best regards

Team Daaman


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