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RIP Jitender Sodhi - Yet another innocent suicide

RIP Jitender Sodhi - Yet another innocent suicide

It's so painful to share the suicide note of this man Jitender Sodhi which his brother has shared through Twitter.

This young banker was apparently in a relationship with a girl who used, abused him emotionally and then just dumped him.

He probably could not take the wrath of such abuse and suffering and ended his life thinking that this act of his would put everything at peace.

In so many suicide notes we've seen that Men do not want to blame anyone, they don't want anyone to be punished, they're just so forgiving. The same thing can be seen in this suicide note as well, wherein Jitender writes that he doesn't want her to be punished.

But does that completely nullify the "abatement to suicide" angle to this?

If a man is so emotionally tortured and coaxed to take such extreme step, then should that be just let go because it's a life of a man?

Suicide is nor a solution. Please, speak up if you are facing any kind of abuse in a relationship, marriage or workplace. Share with somebody who you can trust.

Call our helpline at 8882-498-498 at the earliest or visit our weekly meetings near you.

This is not the end of the world, it could be just another failure or probably destiny is saving you from pain and unhappy future.

Come what may... but do not give up... and do not take your life like this.

Via Amit Lakhani's Facebook post.

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