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Morni gang-rape: Victim's husband arrested for immoral trafficking


The moment there's a gang-rape case reported, not just the national media, even the international media flung into action and without waiting to verify the preliminary investigations, in a race to report the story before anybody else they let the whole world know their version, their thoughts, their demands, prime time debates take place, the politicians, the women's rights activists, the anchors convert the newsrooms into courtrooms and on the top of their voice they pass ex-parte judgements.

In a number of cases, the facts which come out are contrary to what the world was made to believe but the media by then moves on to other TRP raking stories without realising the damage they've done already, the false news that they've telecasted and there's no correction ever.

Now this case was reported as a gang-rape case where the victim alleged that 40 men were involved. Like many other cases in the past, this case has turned out to be an organised hi profile prostitution racket in the preliminary investigations itself.

Now will the same media houses have the debates again, correct their mistake and let people know the true fact of the case?

It's time for the public to understand that whatever they read in the newspapers and what all they see on the TV is not all true.

Morni gang-rape: Victim's husband arrested for immoral trafficking

In a major twist in the investigation of a gang-rape of a 22-year-old married woman, who had alleged that around 40 men had raped her over four days in a guest house in Morni hills area of Haryana's Panchkula district, police on Wednesday arrested her husband on charges of immoral trafficking.

Panchkula Deputy Commissioner of Police R.K. Meena told media in Panchkula, adjoining Chandigarh, that the woman's husband has been booked under various provisions of Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act after investigations done by the special investigation team (SIT) constituted by the Haryana Police revealed other angles to the gang-rape story.

The husband was on Wednesday produced in a local court in Panchkula which sent him to three days' police custody.

Police claim that two other persons arrested earlier were involved in an organized sex trade in the area. Investigators hinted that other women and men could be involved in the sex racket.

The young woman from Chandigarh's Mani Majra suburb had alleged last week that she was taken to the guest house by a man known to her husband on the pretext of getting her a job in the guest house.

"During in depth probe, the SIT came to know there were other angles to the case," Meena said.

Police investigators found a number of loopholes inn the statements of the victim, her husband and other men arrested in connection with the gang-rape case.

Police found records of calls made by the victim to her husband and calls between the husband and the main accused, Sunny, during the four day period of July 15 to 18 when the woman alleged that she was gang-raped in captivity.

Meena refused to say anything at this stage on whether the whole case will remain as that of gang-rape or be converted into a case of immoral trafficking and sex racket. He said that the past history of the victim's husband was being investigated.

The Chandigarh and Haryana Police had earlier made 10 arrests in the gang rape case.

A case was registered by the Chandigarh Police at the Mani Majra after the Haryana Police refused to register the rape case at the Morni police station. After the matter came to light, the Haryana Police suspended the Morni Police Post In-charge, a constable and a Woman ASI (assistant sub inspector) of Women Police Station, Panchkula.

An Assistant Commissioner of Police was also transferred.

An investigation was ordered into the gang-rape incident and the failure of the Haryana Police to register a case when the victim went to complain in Morni.

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