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Once again feminists are shouting #HangTheRapist

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Will I be heard too?

It’s yet another attempt to name India as unsafe for women with just a few politicians looking to take political mileage out of the #Hathras incident and people screaming #HangTheRapist!

All this is amid the focus of international media on ‘Rapes in India’!

In the incident that happened on September 14th over an old dispute regarding the peeling of grass, initial statements of the girl’s mother and brother spoke of only one boy Sandeep beating and strangulate his sister in the field, an FIR was registered under the SC/ST Act and Section 307 of IPC and Sandeep was arrested. The said girl in the video just after the incident can speak and shows her injured tongue also as her mother asks. Her tongue wasn't chopped. The girl on September 22nd added three more accused and alleged gang-rape, which medical reports didn’t confirm.

Even, neither the medical report nor the post mortem report has confirmed rape story as is being alleged.

It was only after 8 days that the allegation of gang-rape was added.

Let’s hope that proper investigation is done not only of the aforesaid incident but also for the person who added gang-rape story after 8 days.

Let’s hope that neither the investigating agencies nor the court would consider emotional outrage to oblige the feminists and hang the innocents.

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01 de out. de 2020

A country where Law is not based on Fact but governed by Emotions, expecting justice for men is just like looking for water in desert.

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