RIP Justice: Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Describing as a “story of a different world”, today Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged feminists who shouted #HangTheRapist!!!

Media created imaginary porn stories, ‘Nirbhaya’! Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged.

The prosecution failed to prove anything, still, we are forced to believe the imaginary criminal incident to be true, just because sold and biased media, foreign-funded feminist NGOs wants us to believe so! Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged.

In this story, the juvenile was deliberately presented as most cruel as they had their agenda of ‘lowering the age of criminal responsibility in India’! Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged.

Hollow feminism has ruined the lives of our future kids for it’s paid agenda. Intentionally it was nowhere published that the juvenile was ‘Not’ the cruellest, when investigation even in this doctored case found the same, just because they wanted people to believe that juveniles have become criminal so that juveniles law can be amended! Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged.

Senior Advocate Sanjay Hegde, one of the two amicus curiae appointed by Supreme Court in the Nirbhaya case, has stated that the FIR, in this case, is a creature of an afterthought by the police and named accused were not even at crime spot! Also, read Sole eyewitness “seriously unreliable”! Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged.

Sentencing in Nirbhaya violates Articles 14, 21! Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged.

We are forced not to believe Advocate ML Sharma’s who declared to pay Rs 10 lakh award to the doctor or anybody who can prove as per medical science that without destroying the uterus, the intestines can be pulled out using an iron rod or post-mortem’s version that says the uterus and ovaries were intact and going by the human anatomy, if a rod is inserted into the vagina, it cannot reach the intestines without breaking the uterus; we are made to accept all illogical reasons shared to proclaim that all Indian men are potential rapists! The rod theory was added later just to sensationalize the whole case and also to provoke public anger! Feminists shouted #HangTheRapist, Hon’ble Supreme Court obliged.

Those not even involved died in jail or waiting to be hanged, are humans too! Here the point is not of ‘misuse of law’, but the ‘wrong law’. And today, these young guys are paying the price of hollow agenda of feminism! Tomorrow it could be anyone’s (including your’s) brother, son, friend, nephew engulfed in a fake case of wrong laws, still, #HangTheRapist? If Yes, beware, just based on media trial our Hon’ble Supreme Court won’t shy in obliging hollow feminists and send anyone to gallows.

Your choice….. You, your life, your respect, your liberty are at the bottom of the list of priorities….

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