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Do Groups Fighting For Men’s Rights In India Seem To Promote Toxic Masculinity Where They Can’t See


First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. - Mahatma Gandhi.

They can't ignore us now, currently, they sometimes laugh at us and sometimes fight with us, the next phase of our victory is inevitable very soon.


How do you save a family in India? By working out differences between the two people at odds with each other?

Or by getting the men to play the victim card, claiming to be at the receiving end of all the wrong that is done in the world.

They can't ignore us now, currently, they sometimes laugh at us and sometimes fight with us, the next phase of our victory is inevitable very soon.

Well, according to men’s rights organizations, it’s the latter. And they tend to go to town about it.

There are many such NGOs fighting for men’s rights in India, which they claim have been grossly violated by an increasingly anti-male judiciary and society.

If you were an alien who was visiting planet Earth for the first time and the website of such organizations was the only thing you had read upon arrival, you would assume that the human male is the most discriminated creature with no rights and no voice and that the females are these all-powerful things that have established their dominance.

I notice with horror that these organizations pervert genuine issues that men have in India and portray them as a part of a narrative in which there is an active conspiracy against them.

They say they are the victim, that they are not powerful, that the system is failing them and that they need to ‘win back their rights’.

A majority of their case is men who have been wronged by the system. Specifically by laws that are meant to protect women. These are men who have been wrongly accused in cases of rape, dowry, domestic violence etc.

While there is no issue with the legitimacy of their grievances, there is a huge one with how their stories are used to show that men need to fight.

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In an interview with VICE News India, the president of SIFF, one such organization claimed that just because you are a man, you can’t be powerful.

He was questioned that ‘Are men not more powerful than women in India‘.

To which his reply was ‘We dispute that‘.

This is the core of the issue with many such organizations. They are not there to safeguard the abuses of law that create people who make up their base. Instead, it is to promote a movement that is nothing but a knee-jerk reaction to women gaining equality in society.

Do the founders of these movements come from a highly patriarchal, male privilege driven society? Where it is the norm to give preference to the man and where women’s rights are just paid lip service.

When they see that women are gaining prominence, reaching positions of power, having a say in how the world is run, the can’t stomach it, and thus create these movements that feed off of the genuineness of people wronged by the system, to promote an agenda that tries to restore their comfort zone, a man-first world.

They choose to ignore the fact that women still face a lot of abuse in India, that women’s rights are still a useless fixture in many places when they claim that women have more rights than them.

They ignore the long list of rapes, molestation, and deaths when they claim that the crimes against them deserve more attention.

They can't ignore us now, currently, they sometimes laugh at us and sometimes fight with us, the next phase of our victory is inevitable very soon.

Male protecting organisations thrive off this closet patriarch that exists within every man, even some feminists. Men have been conditioned to put themselves first, to feel superior. They feel uncomfortable when a strong female presence overshadows them, leading them to lash out.

Violations and abuses of the law exist in every paradigm. But they can’t be used to justify striking down the law. The abuses themsleves need to be addressed, striking down laws is an unsustainable way to address these issues, on both sides.

All that these organizations do is promote toxic masculinity and nothing else. They use innocent men to further their agenda and create this hypothetical world in which the man is a weak, right-less downtrodden creature, all because they cannot see women coming up to be equal to them.

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