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You are invited to the UP State Meet on Men's Issues in Lucknow

Invitation to the 5th UP State Meet on Men's Issues - Lucknow

Due to the coronavirus in the previous two years, the 5th UP State Meet under the aegis of the Save Indian Family Movement, which was intended to take place in April 2020, had been postponed! Not only did the pandemic disrupt State and National Meets, but it also disrupted almost all of the movement's ground activities.

This year, PPKS Lucknow has taken up the initiative to resume State Meets with a small event over Mental & Physical Challenges Men Face - Causes and Prevention, planned for 23 April 2022, at 303 Kalam Center, KGMU Lucknow, from 2 pm to 7 pm.

You are invited to the event and may please register here.

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1 commentaire

Rajesh Niwal
Rajesh Niwal
08 août 2022

Hi mens there I am to inform & giving a call to join me for to remove a act against husband in Civil code procedure order 21 rule 33 which is drafted some where before 1920 inserted in 1923 in CPC. This rule is sex dependent dashing article 14 of constitution & against the well-being of Indian family.

I am in next 15 days going to make intervention application or petition in Apex court. Already a litigation is going on in Apex court by Gujarat Law student of law school pleaded by counsel Adv Indira Jaisingh. A few details & key words u may find at the end of this mail. Any body interested in my this activity please conta…

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