BJP MP's demand of 'Purush Aayog' for men 'Suffering' at hands of wives has Lok

No gender neutral laws, rape of boys not taken seriously, domestic violence on men not taken into account, sexual harassment against men is not considered, male rape is neglected, custody battles are hugely against Fathers, education of boys is taking a set back, male health, male suicides, there are so many issues of men and boys, but when someone talks about Men's Commission, what do our representatives do?

"The entire House burst into laughter as Rajbhar made this demand. There were five women members present in the House at that time, who were also seen smiling."

It's shameful that a lot of MP's laughed at this and tried to trivialize the issue.

This shows the lack of insensitivity and biased-ness, not to say the lack of knowledge of the issues in our country among the lot of these MP's.

A BJP member in the Lok Sabha on Friday came out in support of "men suffering at the hands of their wives" and demanded setting up of a 'Purush Aayog' to deal with their grievances. Raising the issue during the Zero Hour, Harinarayan Rajbhar, BJP member from Ghosi in Uttar Pradesh, said the government has constituted several commissions including the Mahila Aayog, but none to deal with the issues and problems faced by the menfolk.

"Many men are suffering at the hands of their wives and several of them are locked up in jails. I demand that the government set up a 'Purush Aayog' to resolve their issues and problems," he said. The entire House burst into laughter as Rajbhar made this demand. There were five women members present in the House at that time, who were also seen smiling.

There was a buzz all around with members seen laughing and exchanging notes on the issue with each other. Raising the issue of the National Register of Citizens in Assam, Vincent Pala (Cong) said there was a fear of influx in Meghalaya due to its "uncertain implementation" in Assam. He demanded that the government take steps to ensure that there is no influx in Meghalaya due to "inefficient" NRC implementation. Rajesh Rajan, expelled RJD member, urged the government to direct the CBI to probe all shelter homes of Bihar in the light of the recent Muzzafarpur incident. Alleging that there were several cases of loans given by banks at the instance of the finance ministry during the erstwhile UPA government, Rajendra Agrawal (BJP) said these loans have now become non-performing assets.

The government should investigate all instances where loans were given in such a manner, he said.

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