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More Men will be Burned Alive in India from False Accusations - #MeToo

It is very likely that more Men will be burned alive in India over false accusations.

Rape hoaxes are common in India. About 9 out of 10 of the news stories that come out of India claiming that gang rapes occurred are simply media hoaxes to increase the political power of feminist women’s groups in India.

More Men will be Burned Alive in India from False Accusations - #MeToo

In India, any woman can make false accusations against any man. The man is immediately arrested and he remains in prison until he can prove he is innocent.

India’s rate of false accusations of rape are as high as 93% in some Districts (such as Delhi) and nationwide are at least 53%. Women are, literally, paid to make false accusations of rape in India. The Indian government starts paying women who make false accusations within a few weeks and the woman making the false accusation can receive up to $250,000 (a huge sum in India).

India mistreats most of its men and this frequently results in lynchings if a man is falsely accused of rape or other sexual misconduct. See, for example, 2015 Dimapur mob lynching — Wikipedia

The hatred of men in India, and the high rate of false accusations of rape, are a direct result of Western feminists corrupting the government and the media in India. Men in India literally live under a reign of terror from false accusations of rape. Follow more examples on our Facebook group on False Accusations: False Accusations: Lynching in the 21st. Century

More Men will be Burned Alive in India from False Accusations - #MeToo

Many of the stories of gang rapes occurring in India, which appear in Western media, are simply feminist media hoaxes to drive rape hysteria and give feminists in India more power to falsely accuse men. Here is a detailed example of such feminist media hoaxes: A Case Study of Media Rape Hysteria — Badaun India

These types of gang rape hoaxes in the media are becoming commonplace in a feminist effort to stir up hatred and contempt for men. This type of rape hysteria was common in the US during the “Jim Crow era” and resulted in over 4,000 men being lynched or worse because of women making false or unsubstantiated accusations of rape.

Feminist driven rape hysteria was one of the principal factors enabling the KKK during the Jim Crow era to act as a violent terrorist arm of First wave Feminism.

Source, here.

Author, John Davis (1953 — ) is a retired public official and international lawyer and writes on current gender issues.


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