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Women have genuine reasons to fear feminism

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Feminism Is Misandry
If You're Not Angry, You're Taking It Lightly

While women have legitimate reasons to be afraid of feminism, leftists do them no favours by suggesting that feminism is safe for them. It isn’t the case! Feminism means to be critical of society, institutions, behaviours, and discourses in opposition to your culture when it is clearly not in anyone’s immediate interest to do so. Feminism pretends to be revolutionary, exciting, and uplifting in its challenge of individualism and limited conceptions of freedom.

We live in a world that is highly sexist against men, filled with misandry! I'm increasingly concerned that my son will grow up in a world that ignores his problems and tries to make him feel guilty just because he is a male.

Today, the feminists demand exclusive special privileges, instead of equal rights, which it pretends.

Equal rights, such as voting rights, eligibility, and general equality before the law, were already achieved by feminists in the last century. But the feminists now seek equal outcomes with special privileges, even without merits, which in no way can be termed equality.

Feminists believe that women and men are almost equivalent, except for a few minor differences, which means that in their opinion and following statistical rules, they should be represented by roughly half of the population in all sections of society! Then they conclude and claim that discrimination has occurred in those parts of society where women's representation is less than 50%. They categorically reject that men and women have distinct abilities, interests, and motives.

The Effect

Many repercussions have resulted from hollow feminism. Some generally observed in society are:

  • Feminism Destroys the Family

Feminists have relentlessly targeted the family, emphasising that home-working women are nothing more than submissive sex slaves, birth-giving robots, and pram pushers for males.

  • Women are unconcerned about the Sanctity of Marriage

Feminists regard a married woman as a type of gender traitor, while they regard a promiscuous woman as an ideal, a kind of liberation fighter in the fight against the patriarchal ruler's principal repressive institution, marriage. "Marriage is a legal permission to rape," they argue.

  • Intelligence levels plummet

Because many bright women prefer a profession and free life, rather than children and family, there will be less intelligent children born than in the past. As a result, one must believe that the population's average intellect is declining.

  • Society is Becoming Morally Reprehensible

We are all equally accountable, not only feminists, but because we are discussing feminism, we will focus on that.

The notion "My Body, My Choice" encompasses everything, including rising rates of abortion, divorce, and incidents of adultery. The significance of human emotions has been stripped away.

As is said, feminism aims to achieve gender equality in terms of potential, economic, personal, and social equality, which has already been achieved beyond limits.

Feminism Isn’t Required

Feminism is not required because the only factor that should decide our lives is our potential, not our gender or race; we are all human, and we should all be treated equally. Feminists now do not support equality, instead, they play the victim card and try to extract as much as they can, just based on gender. They are belittling men, which has nothing to do with equality.

Feminism today is nothing more than the men-hating movement, leaving no stone unturned to demolish men's rights.

Women don't need feminism because, as responsible adults, they shouldn't adhere to emotive arguments/propaganda, must understand that a victim mentality isn't empowering and that we don't do any good to society by denigrating others.



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