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Stop falling in Love! Stop promising to Marry! Stop Falling Into The Trap!

Even men have human rights and those need to be saved
The expansion of rights of Women is pervasive, and the scope of even the Human Rights of Men is getting narrower!

Hollow feminism coupled with the government's ongoing women empowerment drives has encouraged a lot of unscrupulous women to be temptresses, manipulative, treacherous not only in the family or marital equations but in the society at large. All the gender-biased laws enacted in the name of women empowerment and safety today stand as the most misused laws of the country, and the absence of any misuse clause in these laws adds poison to the lives of innocent implicated men.

Nowadays, 'rape' is a strategic word, and unscrupulous women have reduced it to nothing more than a 'contest over consent'. There have been countless instances where innocent men have been falsely accused of rape just to settle personal grudges. Around 90% of all rape cases in India are filed in order to seek retribution from men for failed relationships.

The situation is that the expansion of rights of women is pervasive, and the scope of even the human rights of men is getting narrower!

Entirely ignoring the fact that even men get raped, even women rape, even women fail to marry after promising and having sex with men and there are all kinds of perversions among the identities beyond the mainstream binaries, Hon’ble Allahabad High Court reaching a yet new level of misandry while dismissing a criminal appeal filed against bail dismissal in district court. In a so-called rape case, where the complainant girl is a POLICE CONSTABLE in UP POLICE, where there is no medical or any other evidence, Hon'ble Justice Pradeep Kumar Srivastava has opined that "it is necessary for the legislature to provide a clear and specific legal framework to deal with the cases where the accused obtained consent for sexual intercourse on the false promise of marriage."

This reminds me of the time when sexual harassment allegations were made against then CJI Justice Ranjan Gogoi, then Chairman Bar Council of India, Sh. Manan Kumar Mishra, in an appeal to the members of the legal fraternity, the Hon'ble Judges and the people of the country, very precisely stated that JUDGES THEMSELVES ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUCH UNFORTUNATE SITUATION, and said:

"We should not forget that our Judiciary is only responsible for such complaints (mostly malicious) being encouraged today.

Some of the totally absurd sentimental and reckless Judicial verdicts of our Judges of the Supreme court has resulted in lodging of such complaints frequently.

"The oral testimony of the prosecutrix is enough to convict under Section 345 or 376 IPC," Why? We are not in the 18th century, that one can presume that a female will never make such allegations to falsely implicate her enemies. We have great respect for our women. But time has changed, we must keep in mind.

Our Judges are expected to be practical now, they should think of the common man and other respectable citizens also while deciding or dealing with such cases. They should not be guided by sentiment or presumptions only. Always think that like 498A IPC, such cases of false implications have now become very common/very easy/rampant."

After allegations against CJI, many SC judges ask for all male staff at houses, judges even expressed apprehension about employing female law clerks.

While doing so, were these judges taking precautions against false allegations or doubting themselves that they might rape any of the staff, hence saving the woman employee from his own self?

The order passed by the Hon’ble Allahabad High Court is yet another 'totally absurd sentimental and reckless Judicial verdict', (in Sh. Manan's words) from the High Court, to say the least.

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