'दुष्कर्म के झूठे केस राजधानी की छवि बिगाड़ रहे'

With an alarming number of false rape cases being filed these days, the court has observed that Delhi's tag of "capital of rape" is tarnishing the image of the city. In a single court, the judge has ordered legal action against seven such complainants and expressed concern over the gross misuse of the rape laws.

With petty arguments on roads, at the workplace, with neighbors etc getting converted into fake molestation and rape cases, men need to be very cautious while stepping out of their homes.

They are probably unaware of this danger and most of them think that they won't be affected unless they're hit themselves.

'दुष्कर्म के झूठे केस राजधानी की छवि बिगाड़ रहे'

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