Gender Equality Organisation in 'Bhoori Marbat'

Gender equality organization (GEO), Nagpur, an NGO dedicated for promoting the cause of Family Harmony and Gender Equality. GEO Nagpur is part of the Save Indian Family Movement which has been working, since 2005, on the social cause of promoting family and marital harmony, by providing community help to them. Since inception, the movement has saved more than 10 crores families by providing positive counselling and helped in maintaining family balance. The movement is 40+ NGOs which are non-funded, non-profit and absolutely noncommercial. Apart from these, GEO is always taking part in so many other Social activities. The movement focuses primarily on Men Suicide in India because of distress caused by Misuse of various Gender Biased Laws. Approximately 150 people from GEO and other such organizations of Vidarbha are coming together and taking part in procession of BHOORI MARBAT from the year 2018.

The way Bakabai of Bhosale dynasty betrayed the royal family of Bhosale and helped Britishers resulting to bad days of Bhosale dynasty. It is said that to avoid the same danger, procession of ‘Kali Marbat’ is organized. As per the tradition, the effigy of Kali Marbat is taken outside and burnt after the procession. Dirtiness, diseases, evil and perverted things are destroyed with Marbt. Destroy unhealthy things for society, that is the main purpose of Marbat.

Similarly, in the era of today's biased laws like (498A, Domestic Violence, Rape, Molestation, CrPC 125, Divorce, Maintenance, Child Custody), by filing false cases and dragging men into the dock of the police and court, men are being threatened as a result Men are harassed a lot and imbalance is resulted in the society. Due to this, 65,000 married men are committing suicide every year in India, and this is causing discontent in society. Taking inspiration from the tradition of this Kali Marbat, Gender Equality Organisation has decided to take a procession of Bhoori Marbat from 2018 against the biased laws of India. So that the misuse of laws and legal terrorism should end in the society and the family of all remain good. Today, such conditions and directions are very much needed so that we can establish a good society by sticking to our culture. One such thing was recently raised in the Indian Parliament by BJP MP Hari Narayan Rajbhar and Anshul Verma towards the formation of Men’s Commission in India and a discussion was held in Parliament in this regard.

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