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#MeToo, an ill-conceived brainchild of West, being adopted in India!

Debate was not even needed since the Anchor was herself a Judge and had started the program after CONVICTING all the accused.

Same RepublicTV had to tender apology to Saravjit whom they maligned same way in Jasleen Kaur case.

Same RepublicTV sat like a quiet duck when Rohtak Sisters failed narco test.

Same RepublicTV will again be quiet once the series of these #MeToo attacks are found to be false.

#MeToo is an ill-conceived brainchild of West which instead of supporting victims to follow the process of law, is actually motivating powerful women (though on the face of it, the campaign claimed to be Gender Neutral), who were not powerless anytime, to claim-name-shame-malign men.

Before this feminist hoax of #MeToo pushes Indian men into a guilt trip, can some one please answer me, why is media silent on Ayushman Khurana sexual harassment? Why do they see only Female victims and are silent on Male victims?

For the wrongly fed Indian society, few facts that all must know:

  1. As per the only available Workplace Harassment Survey (ET-Synovate), of the people experiencing Sexual harassment in Workplace, 68% are Men - 32% are Women

  2. When the Workplace Harassment Act (Act was for Women only and not men who are 78% of the workforce) was being made, the Law Makers had asked National Commission for Women to do a survey on Male Harassment within 1 year so that the Law can be made Gender Neutral. I am writing this in 2018 end and no report has been submitted back to the Government yet.

  3. Coming to the Rape law. India is the ONLY country where, as per law, a boy, a girl, a women can be Raped but a Man cannot be raped. Again talking of Data, only available data from Government of India (Study of Child Sexual Abuse) was done in 2007 {just think who may have got the benefit from not doing this survey for past 11 years}. As per that report, of 100 children sexually abused in India, 53 are boys (yes, 53 boys i.e. less than 18 years of age). The same report also shows that of 100 young adults (18-24 years) being sexually abused in India, 68+% are Males. So a country which has higher percentage of Male rape, Rape law is biased against men. To top it, Rape Law Ordinance of 2018 made boys as easier prey as only in case of girl rape death penalty is there. For boys, punishment is lesser. How many here support this gender bias even for children?

And just check above, I have still not even shared about the Misuse. Which I can substantiate further, if someone needs.

Amit Lakhani was brilliantly mentioning the same but some panelists kept attacking him directly.

No country is Crime Free and Crime has NO GENDER.

#SpeakUpMan before it is too late.

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