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Hope For Men

Hope For Men

Daaman and its brother NGOs are working to bring Harmony into Personal & Professional lives of Men across India. We work to make Men, more focussed and valuable for Organizations by bringing down the stress and distress that men live in daily, due to various issues, including Men's Health, Gender Based Laws & their misuse and Misandry in the Society.

Men have been the strongest building blocks of every society who have built, nurtured and made the society and account for the largest portion of Workforce especially owing to the burden of being the Provider for the families at large.

We understand that all the old and new threats that the largest workforce i.e. Male lives in & the stress involved with it and hence, with our operations since 2005, we have evolved with many million man-hours of experience and expertise around motivating men on how to deliver professionally while managing the distress in their lives.

In wake of the recent spurge of series on online mob justice in name of Workplace Harassment, Corporate world has come under severe threat.

While, no country is Crime Free, but India has its own big problem arising out of Misuse of Gender-Based Laws and the effect on Male Gender resulting in higher Male Suicides.

Looking at these ground realities, our brother NGOs, 'Men Welfare Trust' and 'Save Family Foundation' are organizing a One Hour Awareness (Semi-Legal) session for Male Employees of Corporate India on 20th January, Sunday on following:

  • Workplace Harassment & the Laws in India

  • Myths around Workplace Harassment

  • Don’t feel convicted, if accused wrongly

  • How to Fight for Justice

  • Your Rights as a falsely accused

This, 1-hour session (followed by Q&A), would help Men working in your organization to gain some peace of mind and help themselves in case of false accusations.

The session, though, covers many more topics related to Gender-Based Laws & their threats in case of false accusations. The session is for the whole day and it would be helpful for your Male employees to gain awareness on other fronts of Gender Disparity & Misandry and how it affects them.

Details of the Awareness Seminar:

Date: 20th January 2019 Day: Sunday Specific Session Timing: 10 AM to 11 AM Venue: Auditorium, V.K. Krishna Menon Bhawan, The Indian Society of International Law Bhagwan Das Road 9, New Delhi, Delhi 110001 Google Maps Location: Registration Details:

Since the number of seats is limited, we would request you to kindly confirm the participation on on and request the Participants to do registration on the above-mentioned details.

Looking forward to helping Men becoming more Productive @ Workplace.

For more information, please contact Amit Lakhani (9811004578) or Ritwik Bisaria (9910074914)

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