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Act now, future generations would benefit...

Act now, future generations would benefit...

There are some 10,000 brilliant minds working in the men’s rights moment, with various levels of strength and energy. Brilliant minds who have gone through pain. Brilliant minds who‘ve seen both sides of life.

I’m sure you have great ideas. And in today’s world with the help of social media and the open government system, we all can directly reach the ministers.

Let us start communicating constructively and approaching them with positive ideas. Write to them in a very positive and pleasant tone and explain your problems and how these can be balanced and how our lives can be improved.

There will always be power-hungry, angry self-serving and false case filing women coming into the lives of men. Not only our generation but also the next generation. Our sons, nephews, our daughters and many more will be affected by such power-hungry women. This is an unfortunate fact of life. In India and in MANY other countries. This is what our online and on ground interactions have taught us in the last 10 years.

The problem now is the judiciary is completely anti Male and probably also the entire system is morally unbalanced. Many lawyers are also probably corrupt. This is what is affecting us on a day-to-day basis. NO minister is coming and passing orders against us daily. The lawyers are scheming and judges are passing the orders. And these are affecting us.

How can we alleviate ourselves and reduce/moderate our pain? How can we make the system more transparent? How can we make the system more balanced? How can we make the system hear us and speak to us in a better tone? How can we unshackle ourselves from the chains that have been binding us for the last 65 to 70 years?

Let us start articulating ideas and be balanced. If we say remove all the laws no one will listen to us. If we say jail all the women and put them behind bars for 10 years no one will listen to us. Nor is it practical in any society. However if we say reduce the tendency of cases by 20%, introduce electronic means or have more online processes to increase the speed, or make it unnecessary for Lawyers to attend family cases, bring in more mediation or open mediation by families themselves rather than by the court system, et cetera et cetera et cetera, people may listen to us.

May 1000 good ideas broom. May thousands of lives be saved. May we all live, work and smile together. God bless you all.

Originally posted on author's Facebook timeline here.

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