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Father's Day is just ahead

Father's Day is just ahead

Father's Day is just ahead, and as usual, all the activists who work for gender equality are preparing to raise the voice of a father.

For an activist, it's easy to raise demand for the welfare of fathers and their children, because an activist understands that being a father is a blessing of God and being deprived to meet your beloved child is the biggest cruelty.

But, it becomes a bit cumbersome for an activist when he himself too is a father and is deprived even to have a glimpse of his beloved child. The pain becomes unbearable for a father when he is left to just dream his son crawling hack to him.

And these are the trying times when even expressing oneself too isn't easy. These are the times when one won't be able to put it into words as to what the pain in the soul is for.

It is therefore incumbent upon the social beings who believe in the family system to understand this aspect too of the herculean problem of gender bias against Men in society and laws.

Father's Day is not just a day to buy dad a gift. It's a time to reflect upon what it is to be a Man and a Father.

With matrimonial dispute rate hovering around maximum ever under the influence of ongoing hollow feminism and gender biased laws, ejecting fathers from the families, leaving the child without a strong and responsible male influence in the family is becoming a norm. This needs to change.

It is nothing less than a well thought and planned conspiracy of the foreign-funded feminist NGOs and manginas to marginalize a father's role in a child's life by:

  1. Projecting women to be capable of taking on the masculine role of work;

  2. The welfare state;

  3. Divorce laws, family laws, child laws, and sex laws that favor women and give men no rights;

  4. Movies and TV shows where the fathers are shown as bumbling idiots.

And all these things combined make the role of the father meaningless than ever before.

Society and government must realize and understand that fathers are important for raising children into good, responsible and strong men and women.

“Father is better than a hundred teachers”, joint custody and shared parenting are the best solutions in divorce and parental separation.

There is no doubt that a father's involvement in childcare cannot be substituted by anybody in the world, still, even though children constitute about 40% of country’s population, they are voiceless victims as they are not part of any “Vote Bank” and are deprived of the fundamental right of natural love of both the parents.

And as a result, both, father and child suffer...

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