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Hope For Men

Hope For Men

Daaman and its brother NGOs are working to bring Harmony into Personal & Professional lives of Men across India. We work to make Men, more focussed and valuable for Organizations by bringing down the stress and distress that men live in daily, due to various issues, including Men's Health, Gender Based Laws & their misuse and Misandry in the Society.

Men have been the strongest building blocks of every society who have built, nurtured and made the society and account for the largest portion of Workforce especially owing to the burden of being the Provider for the families at large.

We understand that all the old and new threats that the largest workforce i.e. Male lives in & the stress involved with it and hence, with our operations since 2005, we have evolved with many million man-hours of experience and expertise around motivating men on how to deliver professionally while managing the distress in their lives.

It's a pleasure to inform that Delhi chapter of Save Indian Family Movement, Save Family Foundation/Men Welfare Trust is back again with the legal awareness seminar which is just NOT about the specific case discussion but lot of experience/knowledge will be shared in various sessions. This is indeed great opportunity for everyone to look at the holistic view in order to understand the biased system that Men are dealing with and make strategy to fight with it.

We encourage everyone to join this and extend this to your friends or any other potential victim around (MEN).

Please join our full day Legal Awareness Seminar on 3rd August 2019, Saturday.

For more details and to register for the seminar, visit

Please share your queries on twitter using #AskSFF, #AskMWT, experts will answer them during the seminar on 3rd Aug.

Save Indian Family Movement is the only #Hope4Men

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