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Behind every successful man, there stands a woman!

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

Behind every successful man, can there be a feminist too?
Behind every successful man, can there be a feminist too?

There is a very old and famous saying, behind every successful man, there stands a woman”! A woman, not necessarily a wife, could be a mother or perhaps a sister as well. It is said that a man can be successful with the best wishes and hard work of the ‘woman behind’.

But I wonder, does anyone (including women) give any importance to such statements today, when more often than not hollow propaganda to magnify “behind every victimized woman, there stands a man” are floated?

I feel women today are more inclined to be successful themselves, always willing to forgo domestic responsibilities, in the name of desired equality.

Is questioning anti-women?

I understand I might be sounding anti-women, an oppressor, or a so-called patriarch. But I feel we need to ponder where exactly equality is required. Is it required in a household? Is it required where women as mother, feel stressed and increasingly mentally burdened, just because the schools are closed due to lockdown and children are staying at home? Can this increasingly desired equality of a woman, make a husband or a son, or a brother, successful?

I crave to understand as to why a husband working outside and a wife working equally at home is not considered a balanced happy family, rather it’s called an ‘abuse’ towards the wife?

Don’t you think that the term ‘abuse’, is being increasingly used for various things in women’s those contexts that aren’t actually ‘abuse’?

The understandings

Men, ordinarily don’t care what ‘equality’ is, beyond ‘equal work, equal pay’, etc. They overlook the fact that this is just the tip of the iceberg of radical feminism, which has nothing to do with ‘equality’, as it pretends.

Whereas women know the difference between 'equality of a working woman' and 'equality of a house woman' very well! What they do not know is choosing the priority between both the equalities even when the sweet and dearly beloved happy family is at stake! All credit to hollow feminism's character of dissolving and poisoning the family system and society.

Having said that, don’t you think that in today’s scenario where the feminism that led the women to be in the workplace, has also led the society to an uncompromising and exceptional social situation, where ‘women behind’ a successful man is a fallacy?

Does ‘woman behind’ exist?

Considering marital relations (that’s where a woman’s equality is fought for most) I feel that the saying, “behind every successful man, there stands a woman”, must have come into being when women had not fallen into the feminist trap of worrying about career and own success, rather were happy as a helping partner of the husband for life. The more wife helped her husband to be successful by supporting him when he returns home from work, taking care of the household and the children, and helping ease his stress; the more he can focus on his profession. The more successful the husband becomes, the more it benefits the ‘woman behind’.

Misguiding the women who once used to be behind successful men, feminism:

  1. has led to the deterioration of the institution of marriage.

  2. is destroying the meaning of sexual relationships.

  3. is igniting anger in women which makes them initiate unnecessary and false litigation against men, devastating children’s lives.

  4. has attacked an age-old established pious system of children looking at parents and grandparents as the source of knowledge and wisdom. With the encouraged practise of taking the children away, feminism has deprived not only children of their rightful love of all but has also deprived fathers and grandparents even for a glimpse of their beloved children.

  5. is destabilizing society by destroying the family system.

  6. is leaving no stone unturned to destroy men.

Had the relations between men and women weren’t damaged by hollow feminism, even today a husband’s success can become the wife’s success, the ‘women behind’.



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