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Dear Men, Please Take Care! COVID–19 Hasn't Gone Yet.

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

It’s been around a year now that the world is going through the trauma of COVID-19 and since March 2020 our country is facing the wrath that it showered claiming a large number of innocent lives.

Claims from various scientific studies that COVID-19 is more deadly to men than women have already been substantiated by data available since the inception of the pandemic. It's time we realise that COVID-19 is just a wake-up call for men to start taking care of their health as just surviving this pandemic isn't enough.

We understand that there are various emotional, political and practical drivers and barriers that encourage different men to treat COVID-19 as a potential danger, or stand in their way, so we suggest all men irrespective of everything to please understand that being a man is a particular risk factor during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and it's extremely important for men to take all precautions against the virus and protect your own self, your family and society.


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