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#MenToo - a documentary by Ritu Pathre

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

A documentary film by Ritu Pathre, a journalism student on sexual harassment at the workplace.

As a part of her project, she's been bold enough to portray the never spoken truth about sexual harassment of Men at the workplace which is also a reality, which also should be protected by law, addressed by the POSH, the ICC regulations, etc. but unfortunately, it remains unspoken about.

Any journalism, law or social work student deserves appreciation who takes up these subjects as a part of their research, as these are social taboos that otherwise will just remain under the wraps.

In this movie " #Mentoo", Ritu has to capture that blindside of injustice which the people have ignored to date.

Watch the side of the story you've never seen before because Men Too play an important role in our lives and in our society.



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