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Parents Should Consciously Refrain From Influencing The Matrimonial Life Of Their Children, Says Mad

Parents Should Consciously Refrain From Influencing The Matrimonial Life Of Their Children

The Madras High Court has observed that parents should consciously refrain from influencing the matrimonial life of their children.

In this case, a mother had filed complaints against her daughter’s husband and in-laws alleging that they treated her with cruelty and caused life threats to her. This complaint was sought to be quashed before the high court. The high court found that there is nothing in the complaint that there were acts of cruelty on the part of the ‘accused’ husband and in-laws.

While quashing the case, Justice MS Ramesh observed that in the recent times, in major issue in most of the matrimonial disputes is the involvement of the in-laws.

“The marriages are sacred ceremony intended to make a young couple to start a peaceful and lovable relationship. After the marriage, the responsibilities of their respective parents diminishes to the extent that all major decisions and issues needs to be addressed between themselves and that the parents should consciously refrained from influencing their matrimonial life during times which may lead to ill will among them,” the court said.

The court further said that parents should encourage couples to sort out their indifferences themselves. “No doubt, as the elders of the family, they deserve due respect and love from the couple as well. But when it comes to a stage of frustration where their involvement affects the matrimonial life of the young couple itself, it would be appropriate that they should restrict their interference and encourage the young couple to sort out their indifferences themselves. In case, they are in a position to take a decision on any indifferences which can be acceptable to both the young couple, the same could be encouraged,” it added.

The judge also quoted an observation made by the Supreme Court in GV Rao v. LHV Prasad, in this regard. “There has been an outburst of matrimonial disputes in recent times. The marriage is a sacred ceremony, the main purpose of which is to enable the young couple to settle down in life and live peacefully. But little matrimonial skirmishes suddenly erupt which often assume serious proportions resulting in commission of heinous crimes in which elders of the family are also involved with the result that those who could have counselled and brought about rapprochement are rendered helpless on their being arrayed as accused in the criminal case. There are many other reasons which need not be mentioned here for not encouraging matrimonial litigation so that the parties may ponder over their defaults and terminate their disputes amicably by mutual agreement instead of fighting it out in a court of law where it takes years and years to conclude and in that process the parties lose their “young” days in chasing their “cases” in different courts.”

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