Respect Vikas Misra for doing his job

Name on passport application form - Tanvi Seth Name on voter ID - Tanvi Anas Name on Aadhar card - Tanvi Anas Siddique Name on Capgemini badge - Tanvi Seth Name on Nikaahnama - Shadia Anas Siddique

So, can she get 5 passports?

If one questions, Minister of External Affairs will punish and transfer?

A passport officer Vikas Mishra has been given punishment transfer just because a female applicant complained on Twitter against the officer! Minister of External Affairs transferred the officer straight away!

No departmental inquiry, no chance for him to reply, no one heard his side before transferring him, no nothing.

There was no misbehavior by the officer, in fact, the eyewitness says that the woman herself was loud. But, still the woman complained and officer, transferred!

That officer also has a family, a reputation, his service record and all that is thrown in the garbage! Hard to access, under the garb of feminism or secularism?

Irrespective of all the claims and counterclaims, the emphasis should be that when anyone complains, there should be a fair and thorough investigation and not just punishment or transfer or reprimand based on a media trial. The harsh reality is that government or investigation agencies forget inquiry or investigation when the complainant is a woman and the accused man is assumed guilty unless acquitted by the court.

#FeminismIsCruelty #FeminismIsCancer #FeminismIsAntiHuman


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