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Why are we angry over #Pulwama incident?

Why are we angry over #Pulwama incident?

We salute our martyrs of Pulwama attack and stand with the families of our martyr brothers.

We understand that what needs to be fought on the ground has to be fought that way only, no alternates. Our brothers on the border are taking care of things sacrificing everything. The sacrifice that our brothers give on borders can't be compensated even with the biggest of treasures. We feel safe and sleep at our homes just because of them only. Salute to the brave soldiers who sacrifice everything for our well being and safety.

But, why are we angry over #Pulwama incident?

Pulwama attack was ghastly and shocking. It took away our fine innocent soldiers. It was a cowardly attack fuelled by religious terrorism.

Yes, but why are we angry for Pulwama attack? Just checking statistics of the week before this attack and even today an army major was even today a major was martyred, would give us figures of how many men laid down their lives for the country, but why are we angry only for Pulwama attack?

All deaths of men in uniform are terrible. If we're sad for the innocent men who are dead, then why this exclusivity with martyrs of this incident? Is it because we are shockproof for a certain kind of attacks? Only the attacks which dent our pride and show us vulnerable get reactions from us? Or is it that media hype around a ghastly attack - in an election year - gets us to react to the death of innocent men? Did the other men dying before this incident sacrifice any lesser? Don't their families also deserve the same kind of support that these martyrs families deservedly are receiving? Should a soldier pray that if he has to die on duty, he should in a horrible terrifying act so that his family gets attention and support from the country?

Why are we angry for Pulwama attack? What is the basis of differentiation in our society between self-less deaths? Be it of a lone army man killed in an encounter or a group of army men killed together in a blast?

Originally posted by Amit Deshpande on facebook here.



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