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My intention wasn’t wrong, says Jacqueline Fernandez on hugging a kid on reality show

Jacqueline Fernandez was schooled in the importance of consent by her fans when she posted a video, in which she is hugging a kid, on Instagram.


#NoMeansNo means nothing when it's a BOY, consent is not an issue!

#MeToo is not relevant here?

We have to believe this actors "Intension" but not a common man when he defends himself?

Imagine the uproar if the kid was a girl?


Recently, Bollywood actor Jacqueline Fernandez faced criticism on social media for hugging a little boy without his consent on the sets of a reality show. She posted the video on Instagram and it showed the reluctant boy clearly saying that he doesn’t feel like hugging the actor.

She, along with Salman Khan, was on the show to promote her film Race 3. Later, Salman went to the boy and forced him to hug Jacqueline.

Now, Jacqueline says that her intentions weren’t wrong. In a conversation with Bollywoodlife, she said, “I know what my intention was and it wasn’t wrong. I have a nephew. He does not like to be hugged at times, but I still hug him as I am his aunt. My intentions weren’t wrong and it’s my right to believe that.”

She also said that the celebs need to understand about the people’s concerns. She further said, “I feel it is important that people voice opinions. It is fantastic. Just because we are celebs, does not mean that people would stay quiet. It is not like you can do something and get away with it. It is great that people have opined and I respect that. I understand where people’s concerns are coming from.”

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