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This girl has 11 husbands in 11 states, she used to rob all the jewels etc. and runaway 3, 4 days af

This Girl Has 11 Husbands in 11 States, Her Story Will Shock You to The Core!

Every girl dreams of her wedding day. That one day she will get married to the kings of her dreams and the life will be happily ever after. But what if the person you are thinking of tying the knots with, will steal everything from you? You won’t believe that how a girl can do 11 marriages. But it is true!

A girl got married to 11 different men in the 11 different states. But every time she used to do something shocking with her each husband on the wedding night. You won’t believe that this all happened in India.

28 years old Megha Bhargav was an MB graduate and belonged to Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. She did 11 marriages so far and that too in 11 states. Means she had a husband in 11 states. She used to marry divorcees or handicapped men so that she can ransack them. It is because these two kinds of men can be trapped easily. They hardly refuse a beautiful woman who proposes them for marriage.

After getting married to them, she used to spent some days with and then used to abscond post plundering. She was not alone, in fact, her elder sister and her husband helped her to do so. It was a gang of 3 people. Soon she was caught by the police and today she is serving behind the bars.

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