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Release of Fund By Indian Government Follows Fake Survey By Thomson Reuters Foundation

Release of Fund By Indian Government Follows Fake Survey By Thomson Reuters Foundation

On 3rd July 2018 Bangalore Mirror published Bangalore city has received Rs 667 crore for women safety. This money comes from the total approved fund of Rs 2919 crore by the Indian central government in March 2018 under the Nirbhaya fund. On 28th June 2018 in my recent article “Sham Survey by Thomson Reuters Foundation Says India Most Dangerous Country for Women in The World” I mentioned that one of the motive of such sham surveys is to pressurize the government for more funds. The survey was released on 26th June 2018 and fund released on 3rd July 2018. Though the government of India protested that the survey is just perception poll and has no base or truth. But it took just 7 days from the date of release of the survey for the funds to be out. Now you see how pressure tactics, shaming and hysteria is put to use!

A large part of such fund will tickle down to various women NGOs which are typically run by feminists. A Times of Indiaarticle in Feb 2014 said India is witnessing a NGO boom and there are 1 NGO for every 600 Indian. The Hans India in Dec 2015 said, “The first-ever exercise to map registered NGOs has disclosed that India has at least 3.1 million of these – more than double the number of schools in the country, 250 times the number of government hospitals, and one NGO for 400 people as against one policeman for 709 people. When there are so many of these, there is an unhealthy race for money and attention.” It also said the NGOs generate around Rs 4000 – 8000 million annually. How these money are generated and how are they spent? Is there any account for them? Most of the NGOs run without any government supervision. NGOs are one of the most corrupt sector in India. Is there any exception? May be. But those are rarest of the rare. Many NGOs just exist in name as the Indian government found out when it tried to verify few years ago. Most of the grants are never used for the intended usage. Many reports found they are accounted for honorarium, travel expenses, stationary etc. A large number of NGOs are basically free loaders who in the name of helping people and society are sitting out to grab as much as grants they can. It is an industry where money can be made by fake posturing, by creating fake news / polls /statistics and hysteria. A lot of charity or fundraising events are organized in posh localities abroad showing poor image of children, underdeveloped India, racism, persecution, women in danger in India etc. Does the money reach the people for whom it is raised? Take the case of Srijan Mahila Sahyog Samiti which was involved in fraudulent transactions to the tune of Rs 880 crore! Read about the fraud of fundraising in the name of AIIMS patients by some NGOs at Hacker9. Minister of state for home Rijiju informed Rajya Sabha (upper house of parliament) in December 2017 that foreign funding received by NGOs in India in the last three years are: Rs 15,299 crore in 2014-15, Rs 17,773 crore in 2015-16 and Rs 6,499 crore in 2016 -17. Do you see the amount in question? Apart from these there may be hawala amounts or other channels who knows! The present government has cancelled license of many NGOs owing to misutilization of foreign funds.The malaise of NGO sector should be checked before it is too late. NGO frauds are big in India but its dark underbelly is not exposed yet. But it will be exposed sooner or later and when it will happen it will be the biggest scam of India ever.

Am I against women’s safety? Absolutely no. Our women needs to feel safe, so do our men, children and elders. Every citizen of India needs to feel safe whether in the cities or in the countryside. Let’s take the example of Bangalore city. We heard many incidents of mugging on Outer Ring road, HSR Layout, Koramaangala. People who work in the night are at higher risk including both men and women. Cops had issued safety guidelines on avoiding mugging. Con women using social media network to cheat people (particularly men). Everyone needs to be safe. If the men are mugged or injured are his family members which include women are going to feel safe? The government need to take a humane safety approach rather than a particular gender safety approach. Through the safe city project BBMP says they want to place NGO volunteers at women’s help desk in police stations and critical care response teams at leading hospitals. Basically feminist organizations want their people to be there in such public organizations so that they can manipulate further. They have been trying to infiltrate government organizations particularly the public service organizations for a long time and they create such opportunity by creating fake polls and hysteria.

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