#PindDaan of #MeToo

#PindDaan of #MeToo

After all that devastating effect of #MeToo in India which gave rise to a culture of Digital Mob Lynching, it's time to say RIP MeToo.

#MeTooFuneral will be performed followed by #PindDaan of #MeToo on 2nd March in Delhi.

A movement which became a tool to name, shame and satisfies personal vendetta by maligning and destroying men by falsely alleging sexual misconduct after years and that too without any direct, indirect or circumstantial evidence.

No formal complaints/ investigation, no court trials but on a mere testimony, men were stamped as sexual predators, molesters, rapists and what not.

Carriers spoilet, families destroyed and few men even committed suicide.

The movement has done no good to the gender discourse and environment at workplaces is all the more tensed and unhealthy.

Such a movement when cremated and last rites performed will only bring in peace and harmony.

Om Shanti!

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