Disgusted about sexual abuse against boys in India, 24-year-old survivor seeks President Ram Nath Ko

Disgusted about sexual abuse against boys in India, 24-year-old survivor seeks President Ram Nath Kovind's nod to end life​​

A young man from Kurnool district in Andhra Pradesh, who claimed to be a victim of sexual abuse in childhood, has written to the President of India seeking permission for euthanasia(mercy killing). "From the recent reports, I realise that mine is not an isolated case. There are a lot of boys and men who are victim of sexual abuse. I am disgusted. I sought the permission of the President of India for euthanasia (or mercy killing) so as to draw the attention of the country to the issue," the 24-year old told Mirror. He says the governments do not have proper legal mechanism in place to do justice to the male victims of child sexual abuse. He, however, had never lodged any formal complaint with any authority about the sexual abuse. "Mine is an orthodox family. My parents were shocked to learn about the atrocity on me, when I revealed to them. But, they chose not to lodge any complaint because of social stigma," he said. In his letter to President Ramnath Kovind on Wednesday, marking a copy to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, he said he was first abused by his cousin as an eight-year-old child and then by a teacher while in high school.

"I don’t want to commit suicide and be treated as a criminal. I want a decent, painless death through statutory permission if the government cannot address the issue I am highlighting," he said when asked why he sought permission for euthanasia. "Living the life of a survivor (of sexual abuse) has not been easy at all. Even today, I still fight back the countless nightmares that are a reminiscence of my bitter past. I request your permission for euthanasia/mercy killing to relieve me from the pain of reliving my past by being a victim of such horrific incidents," he wrote in the letter.

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