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Why Always Reactionary?

Time to introspect
Time to introspect

Since the world is experiencing a new normal of lockdowns and work-from-home to contain the spread of coronavirus over the last few weeks, the news of steep increase of abuse and domestic violence in homes or by intimate partners globally has increased substantially. India too is no exception, NCW has already come up with their claims of an increase in the incidents of domestic violence across India.

Even though UN chief António Guterres may be aware that the lockdown and thereafter the coronavirus-related downturn is enough to magnify suicidal impulses in men, still, falling prey to the propaganda, he is highlighting “global surge in domestic violence”. The truth is that feminists are peddling this domestic violence propaganda as they think the most striking effects of the coronavirus will be to send many couples back to the 1950s and staying and teaching children at home due to lockdown is taking away everything they have fought for so far. They claim that women’s independence will be a silent victim of the pandemic.

Under the garb of hollow feminism, everyone seems readily convinced with this domestic violence propaganda overlooking the fact of maximum cases resulting in acquittal in the past and intentionally ignoring the misusage of law that has been repeatedly pointed to by the Hon’ble Apex Court and various High Courts.

The situation as indicated by UN or NCW holds NIL believability for me and carries a big threat for men in India in the post coronavirus era.

Feminists using hollow domestic violence claims as a lethal weapon against men is not new. But with recently highlighted propaganda, feminists are vastly mounting pressure on the government that was never interested in listening to the agony of innocent men in India. And going forward, this current pressure by feminists combined with the inevitable huge number of false domestic violence cases will determine the future of men’s rights for the next few years at the very least.

Feminism is built with selfishness as the foundation and the only issue that concerns them is their rights and independence. And with evident financial might and political reach of the feminists, assuming that the normalcy concerning domestic violence claims in the post coronavirus era will be just as how it was before could be a big mistake.

The part unheard

Contrary to all the hollow claims of feminists in India and the world over, we are daily receiving calls on our helpline 8882-498-498, from men who are facing domestic violence during the lockdown, and they have no option to go out to the office or anywhere else either. But why is this agony of men not visible to the world?

Accepted that there’s no proper platform or forum for men to register their grievance, but does raising voice and revolting against that abuse or violence too needs some platform?

Considering the clear abuse and harassment against men at large, is it necessary to be reactionary all the time?

Why unheard? It's untold!

I asked several men to not just tolerate the abuse and harassment, and harm oneself, but their deep-rooted tendency to anyhow accommodate and adjust due to their obsession “with what others think of me”, keeps them silently go through it. And often, such are the people who end up adding to the ever-increasing number of suicides of males.

It’s high time now we must allow boys to cry, feel and deal with their emotions and traumas in life. Let our boys be allowed to express themselves independently outside the existing gender binaries. Let's make sure that our boys aren't afraid to raise voice against anyone who commits or encourage acts of abuse, harassment or violence against them. Otherwise, they'll keep getting easily stigmatised and fearful of being called out not man enough, under their obsession “with what others think of me”.

And we won't be left with any option except shouting #MakeHomeSafe4Men for long!



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