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Wives in proclaimed 'most dangerous country for women' are the 3rd in the world for beating

Domestic violence has mostly been used for ‘husbands’ in our society. This issue is a matter of concern both in urban and rural sector in the country, but we tend to forget that violence does not have a gender.

Wives in proclaimed 'most dangerous country for women' are the 3rd in the world for beating husbands...

A recent study by the UN has revealed some shocking results regarding the stats of domestic violence against husbands. Egypt has claimed the first position when it comes to beating and abusing husbands. UK took the second place and India was on number three.

The bitter truth is the ignorant behavior that we, as a society endure and neglect that even men, suffer in silence. There is a drastic need for a shift in our country since our society is usually more sympathetic and forgiving when it comes to women. While it is true that even women suffer at the hands of a bad marriage, one can also not let go of the fact that men are also at the receiving end. People had strong opinions on Twiter after the survey’s results were published.

India’s name on the list might have been like a shock to some, while others may not have felt so as they must be out of those who go through it. Whatever it may be, the fact is that our country’s name is in the top three in a survey that we cannot flaunt or be proud of. This survey has highlighted the sad truth and pointed out to a deeper problem. Apart from an evident scenario of domestic violence, the men in India are also going through emotional and mental abuse, and we as a society are failing by not being able to address it in the right manner. Let gender equality be in action and not just remain in words.

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