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Wife Working Against Husband’s Wishes Is Not ‘Cruelty’

Wife Working Against Husband’s Wishes Is Not ‘Cruelty’

Aaqil Jamil And 2 Others vs State Of UP And Another

Allahabad HC


APPLICATION U/S 482 No. - 11716 of 2017

About/from the judgment:

Wife Working Against Husband’s Wishes Is Not ‘Cruelty’!


A woman feels as keenly thinks as clearly, as a man. She in her sphere does work as useful as man does in his. She has as much right to her freedom – develop her personality to the full – as a man. When she marries, she does not become the husband’s servant but his equal partner. If his work is more important in life of the community, her’s is more important in the life of the family. Neither can do without the other. Neither is above the other or under the other. They are equals....


The ground as the wife joined the service, in our view, cannot be made the ground for treating it as cruelty or ground for divorce.


The bench also observed that there is no desertion by the wife in the instant case. This appeal was disposed of by an elaborate judgment and the bench has also illustrations about ‘mental cruelty’.

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