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HC allows provision of food, pure ghee, milk, clothes as Maintenance

HC allows provision of food, pure ghee, milk, clothes as Maintenance

Amit Mehra Vs Manju

Punjab and Haryana HC


CRR (F)-495-2018

About/from the judgment:

In an intriguing turn of events, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has allowed the provision of pure ghee, milk, and clothes as interim maintenance in a marital dispute.


An order passed by the High Court on Monday states,

"Learned counsel for the petitioner has submitted that instead of making payment, the petitioner is ready to provide 20kgs. rice, 05 kg. Sugar, 5 kg. different pulses, 15 kg. Wheat and 05 kg. Pure ghee per month; three wearing suits quarterly and two litre milk every day to the respondent."


In February 2018, a family court had directed the husband to pay interim maintenance of Rs 5,000 per month, in addition to Rs 11,000 as litigation expenses to his wife.


In the marital dispute between the two, the wife claimed that she had been beaten by her husband and eventually forced to leave the marital home following dowry demands. On the other hand, the husband claimed that his wife was a "quarrelsome lady" who left the marital home "on her own sweet will". The husband had also countered the wife's claim for maintenance by arguing that he also had to support his aged parents.


Criminal revision proceedings were instituted against the lower court order by the husband/petitioner. At this stage, the High Court recorded the husband's willingness to substitute the payment of monetary maintenance with the aforementioned commodities.


Accordingly, the court has directed the husband/petitioner to provide the same within three days of the order. Further, the petitioner has also been asked to clear other maintenance arrears. The order states,

"The petitioner is directed to provide the aforesaid articles to respondent within three days from today. He is further directed to clear the arrears of maintenance and submit the affidavit in this regard on or before the date fixed. He is also directed to be present before this Court on the date fixed."


The matter has been scheduled to be taken up for arguments on July 25. Advocate Amardeep Sheoranappeared for the petitioner/husband, whereas Advocate Sunny Namdev appeared for the respondent/wife.

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