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SC condemns “Bench hunting” or “forum shopping” for filing successive bail applications

SC condemns “Bench hunting” or “forum shopping” for filing successive bail applications

Jagmohan Bahl & Anr vs State (NCT of Delhi) & Anr

Supreme Court


CRIMINAL APPEAL NO. 2335 OF 2014[Arising out of S.L.P. (Crl.) No. 8355 of 2014]

About/from the judgment:

Needless to say, unless such principle is adhered to, there is enormous possibility of forum-shopping which has no sanction in law and definitely, has no sanctity. If the same is allowed to prevail, it is likely to usher in anarchy, whim and caprice and in the ultimate eventuate shake the faith in the adjudicating system. This cannot be allowed to be encouraged.


Unscrupulous litigants are not to be allowed even to remotely entertain the idea that they can engage in forum-shopping, depreciable conduct in the field of law.


In the entire adjudicatory process, the whole system has to be involved. The matter would be different if a Judge has demitted the office or has been transferred. Similarly, in the trial court, the matter would stand on a different footing, if the Presiding Officer has been superannuated or transferred. The fundamental concept is, if the Judge is available, the matter should be heard by him. That will sustain the faith of the people in the system and nobody would pave the path of forum-shopping, which is decryable in law.


Accepting the High Court’s stand as to the grant of successive anticipatory bail, the Bench said that such a practice “is in consonance with the principle of judicial decorum, discipline and propriety.

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