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Qualified working/capable of earning wife not entitled for maintenance!

Qualified working/capable of earning wife not entitled for maintenance!

Monu Songra vs Pinki

Punjab and Haryana HC


Criminal Revision No. 2625 of 2014 (O&M)

About/from the judgment:

The wife in her petition filed under Section 125 Cr.P.C. did not disclose that she was a Physiotherapist or was earning but in the First Information Report lodged with the police in September 2013 she had mentioned that she was a Physiotherapist (doctor). The information was provided by the complainant. There was no reason for the complainant to mention that. When it has been specifically mentioned it can be assumed that she was a practicing Physiotherapist. The husband is posted in Rajasthan. It is not possible for him to collect the information whether she was running a clinic or about her income. The trial Court had noted this and had declined the application for interim maintenance and rightly so. The Revisional Court based on assumptions wrongly allowed maintenance at the interim stage. It should have taken some affidavit from the wife. The wife had to explain how that fact was introduced in the FIR. There was a categoric assertion in the FIR that she was a Physiotherapist, it appears that the wife was hiding facts. She is capable of earning. The trial Court is yet to consider the case on merits. It will have to determine whether a qualified woman who can get a job can sit idle and insist on maintenance. Everyone has to earn for himself or herself or at least make an effort and would not sit idle. See Mamta Jaiswal versus Rajesh Jaiswal 2000(3) MPLJ 100. The order passed by the Revisional Court is set aside.

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