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Custody orders by their nature can never be final

Custody orders by their nature can never be final

R V Srinath Prasad vs Nandamuri Jayakrishna & Ors

Supreme Court


Appeal (civil) 1685-1686 of 2001

About/from the judgment:

The High Court appears to have overlooked the settled principle that custody orders by their nature can never be final; however , before a change is made it must be proved to be in the paramount interest of the children. In a sensitive matter like this no single factor can be taken to be decisive. Neither affluence nor capacity to provide confortable living should cloud the consideration by the Court. Here we may refer to the decision of this Court in Jai Prakash Khadria vs. Shyam Sunder Agarwalla and another 2000(6) SCC 598. In such matters usually, Courts while granting the custody of minor children to one party extend the facility of visiting them to the other. At the cost of repetition we may state that we are not discussing the merits of the case pleaded by the parties in detail since the application for the custody is pending for adjudication before the Family Court at Hyderabad. For the reasons set forth in the preceding paragraphs we are not persuaded to sustain the order passed by the High Court changing the custody of the minor children from their father to their maternal grand parents.

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