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Equal custody rights given to father

Equal custody rights given to father

Sau Sarika vs Sachin

Bombay HC, Nagpur Bench



About/from the judgment:

The terms of settlement executed between the parties on 19.09.2013 as an interim arrangement have worked to a great extent and in the circumstances of the case, we direct that the custody of Anvesh would be with the husband from Friday evening (after the School hours) till Tuesday morning, when Anvesh would be dropped to the school. It is needless to mention that the wife would have the custody of Anvesh from Tuesday evening (after the School hours) till Friday evening. We have arrived at this arrangement, with a view to give equal opportunity to both the parents to spend time with Anvesh who is just seven years of age and is a slow learner. The husband may continue to drop Anvesh to the school and classes and bring him back to the house of the wife even when Anvesh would be in the custody of the wife. During the vacations, the custody of Anvesh should be shared equally by the husband and the wife, that is to say that, if the vacations are for a period of twenty two days, Anvesh would remain with each of the parents for eleven days. This arrangement would apply to all the vacations including the Summer, the Winter and the Diwali vacations.

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