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Annulment of marriage on the ground of impotemcy of wife and fraud

Annulment of marriage on the ground of impotemcy of wife and fraud

Smt. Sulekha vs Ashok Kumar

Delhi HC


SECOND APPEAL No. - 239 of 2016

About/from the judgment:

Rules 3, 4 and 5 of Order VIII CPC


So far the allegation of impotency of appellant-wife and her inability to have physical and sexual relationship is concerned, this fact is specifically mentioned in petition/plaint but were not specifically denied in written-statement filed by opposite party/appellant. In her statement, opposite-party/appellant had vaguely end evasively denied the facts of petition/plaint on this point, but had nowhere specifically pleaded that she is physically and sexually fit and has been able to makes consummation of the marriage possible, or have sexual relationship with husband. Such non-specific denial technically amounts to admission on part of opposite party-defendant on these points. Rule-3 of Order VIII CPC provides it shall not be sufficient for a defendant in his written statement to deny generally the grounds alleged by the plaintiff. Under Rule-4 such evasive denial shall not be sufficient to be taken up as denial. On this ground alone, main allegation of alleged impotency and inability of appellant to have physical relationship should have been taken to be admitted by the lower court. Absence of specific denial of such facts should be treated as their non-denial and admission. Since there is no pleading of defendantappellant that she was not impotent or was able to have physical relationship with her husband. There is no averment in her written statement that she had informed petitioner about her physical inability to consummate; therefore, in absence of such pleading her oral evidence could not be accepted on these points.

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