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91 CrPC: Court ordered to provide Call Details Record of 6 years

91 CrPC: Court ordered to provide Call Details Record of 6 years

Suresh Kalmadi vs CBI

Delhi HC


Crl.M.C. No.2143/2015

About/from the judgment:

Call Details Record After 6 years!


91 CrPC


It is submitted by the petitioner that the nexus that the call records will demonstrate strikes at the foundation of the Prosecution's case, and which would show that there was no conspiracy between the petitioner and other accused persons to favour M/s Swiss Timing, and that in fact other officials of the OC, i.e. Prosecution witness PW-18 Sujit Panigrahi attempted to favour MSL as a bidder and these facts in support of this are evident and demonstrable, but have been deliberately overlooked or concealed by the Prosecution and therefore, the petitioner has a right to an effective opportunity to establish this case with the aid of relevant documents such as the Call Detail Records of Mr. Jyoti Chhabra. At this stage, the Court is not concerned whether the averments made in the application under Section 91 Cr.P.C. may be gospel truth or not. If the documents are necessary in order to decide the real controversy, the same cannot be thrown particularly when the application is filed by the accused.

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