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Woman pays Rs 1 lakh to have her son-in-law murdered

Hired goons stab the victim, who survives the attack

Woman pays Rs 1 lakh to have her son-in-law murdered

In a shocking incident, a woman paid Rs 1 lakh to a gang of five to kill her son-in-law after her elder daughter eloped with him. The mother did not want her younger daughter to follow in the same footsteps and decided to do something about it.

The son-in-law was stabbed by the hired-goons but he survived the attack and is currently recuperating in a hospital. The culprits were arrested by the police.

Dattajirao Mohite, the sub-inspector who is investigating the case, said, "Devaai, the main conspirator, was unhappy with her elder daughter for eloping with her beau Sunny and was in fear that her younger daughter too, might do the same. She wanted to teach her a lesson and struck a deal with Shailesh, a gang leader, to kill her son-in-law in return for Rs 1 lakh. Devaai also handed him an amount of Rs 20,000 as advance and decided to pay Shailesh the remaining money in instalments after the plan was complete."

He added, "On June 17, Shailesh sent his goons to meet the complainant who runs a grocery store. The culprits got into a tussle with Sunnt over a petty issue and stabbed him. He was then rushed to the hospital and is currently out of danger. During the investigation with the help of CCTV footage and other vital clues, we managed to nab the suspects."

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