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The story of a schoolboy

The story of a schoolboy

Today was the last teacher's day in the school as this is my final year of schooling. For a while, I just went back to the memory lanes of my good old school days which I cherish but I also observed something bizarre this time.

From the day I entered the school for the first time till today, a lot has changed, the principal, the teachers, the books, curriculum, classrooms and so many other things, the school looks way different than what it used to be.

But some things are still the same.

They still scold/ punish the boys for not doing the homework while girls are let go. Don't know why are they so harsh with boys? If boys don't wear the proper uniform, they're thrown out of the class, girls are only given polite warnings.

Whenever a girl wanted to be a sports person, she was appreciated for her talent, but if a boy wanted to take up dance, he was mocked.

When the heavy bundle of notebooks has to be carried, boys will do it, when the chief guest has to be given bouquets, girls are preferred.

It's right here where boys are told, even by their parents that if u do not study hard and do not have a career of their choice, they will not get an appropriate life partner, the entire family reputation is on boys. I used to think we are equal and will have equal responsibilities.

We boys were always made to believe that we are super strong and we have to protect and provide everybody, that's what is happiness for us.

And yes, we were always told that “Boys do not cry”, if a boy ever cried, everybody, said, “he's behaving like a girl”. Most of my friends hesitated to express themselves thereon.

Lately, they've started saying Man-up & respect women. Why not respect all human beings?

Over the period all boys have started behaving like specially designed robots, they open doors for girls, let the girls go without the queue, if the refreshments come, it's “Ladies first” when we are getting in the bus it's “Ladies first”, I searched on the internet, this is called chivalry. It wasn't clear if it's good or bad but I always thought that girls and boys are equal, I don't think this is equality?

Now some girls have started giving their school work to boys and they say this is how they would get impressed, boys have started feeling proud in doing extra work and even if girls do not do the work, they know they would still get away.

I sometimes feel that teachers and principal are also scared of senior girls now and whatever happens, they vent it out on boys.

I think college is going to be fun and thereafter when I start my professional career I hope there would be more equality and more freedom for men and boys. I hope there would be equal liberties and equal responsibilities out there, equal respect for all genders.

They always say boys are privileged but I must tell you it's been a difficult life as a boy.

I still remember the chapter called “Constitution of India” in the early years of my school, which talked about equality.

I'm looking forward to experiencing that equality in the real world in the days to come.

Happy Teachers Day to all

Image via Pixabay

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