Woman constable gets boyfriend's arm chopped off so that he would have no option left but to mar

The incident had occurred earlier this week at a temple near Bannerghatta National Park in Bengaluru. It was earlier reported that his arm was severed and carried away for not cooperating with robbery.

Woman constable gets boyfriend's arm chopped off so that he would have no option left but to marry her

On Thursday, we had reported about a case in which the victim’s hand was severed for not co-operating with the robbery at a temple situated near Bannerghatta National Park. Turns out, that’s not what exactly the case was. In a shocking revelation, it has come to be known that the woman accompanying the man at the scene of the crime was involved in the perpetration of violent attack against the victim, reported Times Now.

In a massive turn of events, it was revealed after a deeper investigation that R Jayalakshmi, a woman traffic constable accompanying 27-year-old B Ravish, who lost his forearm during the incident, had hatched up the plot so that she could marry him.

Can’t seem to connect the dots there? We’ll tell you how and why. Allegedly, Ravish wasn’t ready to tie the knot with her despite being in a relationship with her for over a long period of time, even before she was married to someone else. Her marital life was disturbed and she had also filed for a divorce with the hope of marrying Ravish, who didn’t seem to be ready for the same just yet.

She conspired that if he would be left disabled, he would have no other option left but to marry her!

Jayalakshmi had reportedly deployed Shravan, Kumar and his son Anand at the cost of Rs 1.5 lakh to carry out the job. All four accused involved in the matter were arrested on Saturday. The beans were spilt when Jayalakshmi was grilled during the investigation for her inconsistencies regarding the number of attackers in her statement.

Bengaluru Rural Superintendent of Police T Shivkumar told TOI that the Deputy SP had to open fire on Shravan’s knee when he tried to strangulate a constable using his handcuffs at the forest where they had gone looking for the weapon used to sever Ravish’s arm.

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