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Dowry is illegal, immoral and bad! But...

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Dowry is illegal, immoral and bad
Rate of suicides of Husbands in India is more than twice as compared to that of Wives

The most ignored epidemic in India is of violence against men; it's widespread and happens all the time! Numerous husbands lose their lives daily with their wives as the reason in the background, but every instance is made to look as if it's not connected, whereas, in reality, it's part of a huge problem. Deliberately overlooking the fact that the rate of suicides of husbands in India is more than twice as compared to that of wives, every instance of suicide by the wife is claimed to be a dowry death and what propagandists very boldly highlight is that dowry is illegal, immoral and bad!

My friend Subu Subramaniam made a very interesting and true post on his Facebook timeline. He made it concerning the dowry system in Chennai, but this stands true for the whole of India!

Sharing here for you all to go through.


Dowry is illegal, immoral and BAD

But ..but, these are the MINIMUM requirement for Middle-class boys in Chennai city - Yes I said Middle class, NORMAL 1st marriage

  1. Salary rupees 1 lakh per month or more

  2. Desk, office job, and foreign postings needed. Otherwise disqualified. Example if car repair shop owner and making over 1 lakh p.m. don't apply.

  3. Subcaste, subsect MAY be exempted for fellows earning 2 lakhs / p.m.

  4. 3 BHK house, at least spacious 2 BHK house within Chennai city limits a must. Passbook, assets status of boys are openly checked before engagement.

  5. NO Boy's side OLD furniture allowed after marriage - if you don't know what is OLD Furniture, you are out of synch. Such ppl please add your questions under the comments section.

    1. Dogs are OK, but OLD Furniture from boy's side NOT ok.

  6. Should NOT ask too many questions about girl's college life / high school friends - this is shortened as "broad-minded". if you ask logical questions like did you sex b4 marriage - Cheee, you are narrow-minded, MCP etc etc.

  7. Party drinking is ok for higher salaried fellas, esp if Girl also drinks and boy/husband drives her home. Otherwise, Boy's / Husband's drinking maybe a bullet point in #498a, #Dv case.

  8. Caste NO bar if fellow earning more than 3 lakhs p.m. + palatial house etc in a posh locality.

  9. IF really rich and flashy we will call you "..romba nalla paiyyan.. - Bahut achcha ladka".

  10. Remember OLD furniture is only applicable for BOY's side.

  11. We may accept Horoscope/Kundli matching. But all that is NOT our problem, if you don't see a match, move on, I'm NOT bothered.

  12. Many girls want to get married at 35. They just settled down they say. I'm NOT joking. Recently one fella posted such a comment on FB and when asked about the chance of children after 35 etc, they got very angry. I guess they were about to send message to Chief Secretary of State and Woman's commission etc (meaning they were so angry).

  13. While the values are telescopic, the concepts above are compulsory/essential. i.e. Salary value #1, #3, #8 etc or Point #12, age may differ but rest of the concept is uniform.

  14. If you think the boys or their parents are worried, think again... Wedding business was affected a LITTLE bit by COVID, but is back again with a BANG !!!

Please feel free to post your views here on Subu’s timeline!

1 Comment

Jan 15, 2021

Not just Chennai ... .... its same everywhere ... ... girl can see her financial security but when boy start looking its a problem.

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