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Divorced woman ties up 4-year-old son, sends video to estranged husband to extort money

Divorced woman ties up 4-year-old son, sends video to estranged husband to extort money

A woman in Surat is accused of tying up and filming her four-year-old child in order to extort money from her estranged husband. The man has approached the police, who are in the process of checking the veracity of the allegations before initiating criminal proceedings against the woman, reported News 18. Radheshyam Jaiswal, who works as an agent for preparing official documents like Aadhar, PAN Card and the like in Surat, has told the police that his wife used to beat up their son on previous occasions as well. Fed up with her behaviour, he finally approached the police.

Describing the whole incident to News 18, Radheshyam Jaiswal said that he and Varsha married five years ago and separated when their son Sumit was about six months old. "When we divorced, I paid her all that was required of me although I drove an auto-rickshaw for a living. I also bought a fridge, cooler and other items in the house even after our divorce. This is not the only video she has sent to me. There are several instances in the past where she has beaten or tied our child and used videos to extort money from me, "Jaiswal said. He added that she had been demanding money regularly from him and if fails to pay up, she calls up the police control room and gets him arrested under false charges.

He stated that this particular video was sent to him about four days back. "Just after our marriage, we had invested Rs 90,000 to set up a grocery shop. Of the total amount, she had contributed Rs 40,000. She is demanding that money from me by sending me the video of our child with his hands and legs tied. The fact is that after the divorce, I gave her the shop as well as all the belongings in the shop." Asked why the police had not registered a FIR yet, Jaiswal said that he first went to the Limbayat police station, but since the video was shot at the house where the woman lives, the Limbayat police asked him to go to the Dindoli police in Surat city. "This went on until late in the evening and I even called her up asking her to come to the police station. However, she did not turn up. The cops told me they will register an FIR after verifying that the video was sent by her," he added.

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