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How long will this last?

How long will this last?
How long is the wait?

On March 24th, the government ordered a nationwide lockdown for 21 days as a preventive measure against the coronavirus pandemic. Now, considering the vastness of the pandemic in the country, the government has extended the lockdown period for 19 more days, i.e. till May 3rd. The situation more or less is the same around the globe, with everywhere people asking how long will this last?

In these unprecedented times of coronavirus, NCW, the feminist body in our country is taking preventive measures, making demands and trying to encash the scenario by pedalling it’s hollow propaganda.

Unfortunately, men and children in our country do not have any institution or body to even think of taking any preventive measures for their well being and safety.

Today, with the lockdown becoming a ‘normal’ and ‘stay at home’ a norm, coronavirus has brought to the fore certain questions which are very painful for men already troubled by gender-bias in society and laws.

  • The lockdown has increased domestic violence against men by many folds. In the absence of any platform for them to report, the sad part is that our weekly meetings too are not there due to the lockdown.

  • Fathers who have been completely denied access to their children are worried about the well being of their beloved offsprings.

  • Fathers are also worried about the ever-growing impact of parental alienation on their children because even visitation rights (of few lucky fathers) are also withheld due to the lockdown.

  • Men who already have cases pending in various courts are worried about the additional duration that is likely to be added to the life of harassment he is undergoing.

  • Men who are already hard-pressed due to damaging huge maintenance orders are worried as to how will they pay the maintenance amount, because he won’t get any relaxation in court even when he loses his livelihood due to the lockdown.

  • Those who are in prison waiting for bail in false cases of gender-biased laws are dying every minute to come out and look after his old parents in these trying times.

  • Men are worrisome for the health of their sons and other men in the family as the coronavirus kills more men than women.

  • Men are alarmed by even the thought of challenging life after they survive the lockdown.

We do understand that as painful as these questions are, they force issues like physical and mental illness to follow, which makes life even more challenging for men.

While a man is going through all the challenges life poses, the most frustrating part is the absence of the answer to a simple question: How long will this last, and when will I be allowed to move out and face my challenges?

Please add in comments below, other ‘painful’ questions you think ‘Save Indian Family Movement’ should workaround as soon as weekly meetings resume, as there is no option other than taking them head-on.

Will the cruel and hollow feminists ever realize that the real women empowerment does not lie in brainless propaganda they pedal, but in looking after and get looked after in the family, in these trying times of coronavirus pandemic.


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